In the Mountains, In the Pines, the Flakes from the Heavens Sure Do Shine

The road was slick and tracks belonging to jackrabbits, magpies and deer created a mesmerizing maze in the fields and meadow below.

Approaching the Crazy Mountains and serenading my dear husband with, “In the Pines, In the Pines…” by Loretta Lynn, we took our daily walk down the country road.  It felt especially good to stretch our muscles, mouths and minds this morning as we were buttoned down by a blizzard the day before. 

Snowflakes continued to fall.  Just as we reached the row of pines, the sun burst through the clouds, shining though thick, snow covered boughs, capturing flakes and turning them a sparkling blue, green, pink and orange. Hand in hand we continued with warm cheeks, noses and hearts.  We were HOME.       This piece was inspired by our recent move to the country. I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains and have longed for the serenity nature and free space brings.  Leaving the town of Great Falls and residing near the Rocky mountains in the Livingston area has brought me peace, new inspiration and added to our quality of life– I thank Creator every day for such a wonderful blessing.   

Part of the Centripetal Satire series, the quilt design, a sunburst, is from Philadelphia cir. 1840 and incorporates a familiar element from my PA Dutch Heritage (Quilt Circles) and home, as my mother decorated our beds and house with them.  The other designs and items I saw in my mind at that moment.