My Turn
The short end of the stick: if two people are fighting, each with sticks, the one with the shorter stick will be at the disadvantage.  This saying has existed since the 1500’s but was stated differently, “The worst end of the staff.”  This is a phrase that comes to mind for the fox.  The hound has been chasing him for centuries; up the trees, through the forests and over the bridge to grandmother’s house they go.  The underdog needs his moment of glory and it’s high time for the fox to shine, just like his regal red coat. 

In this scene, the two are playing cat and mouse, accompanied by the moon which continues to rise as the chase heats up.  In the shadows, the trees hold a spooky presence. In my research of PA German Folk-Art I have come across a few lovely wood carvings of the dog chasing the fox through trees and over logs which I admire.