The 5th Key To Living: Fear Not What is Behind Each New Door, But Do Proceed With Caution
What does it take to open a door?  Doors are opportunities that present themselves and one may never know what’s inside until they enter.  Sometimes the doors are shiny on the outside and just as pleasant on the inside.  Some are painted gold but hollowed out, infested by termites, some are neon flashing “Enter”, but off balance and falling off their hinges and yet others are weathered but wonderfully warm and welcoming.

Every door presents a new learning opportunity, good or bad.   They say our experiences make us who we are.  I say, “The more the merrier.”  So what does it take before I open a door?  I’ve learned it takes careful thought, prayer, confidence, ingenuity, courage, strength, intuition and faith in a greater power.  Within the ride of life, the rollercoaster flies up and down the hills, the key is to stay on the track and handle yourself like a champ.  Lions, mermaids, unicorns and the two-headed eagle were all elements incorporated into Fraktur by the artists- I created my own personalized design of each to add a bit of whimsy and create an element of uncertainty.