The three prancing butterflies represent the Trinity- the “three in one” or the one Divine Nature.  Creator can come to us in something as simple as a butterfly or as complex as a miracle.

There is no doubt the butterfly has significant meaning to each individual.  It represents life as a whole and the transformation- a time to evaluate life in its current state and set goals for manifesting change.  Their metamorphosis process is quite impressive and an excellent guide.

Many struggles, temptations and vulnerability can tear us down, but if we continue to have faith in something greater than ourselves while embracing these profound changes to the soul, we dance into the next stage of our being, filled with joy.

The Orange Sulphur butterfly’s yellow color symbolizes enlightenment.  It is one of the most common and widespread butterflies in North America; a rapid flyer and especially likes to swarm clover and alfalfa fields.

Pussy willows are incorporated in this piece as they too represent life, motherhood to be more specific.  They are one of the earliest signs of spring; they arrive when mother earth loses her blanket of white and awakens from her slumber.  Created in a design that has no beginning or end, the branches are centered around a stained-glass circle to represent the flow of energy.