It was a beautiful warm fall weekend- I was in the mountains of Kalispel MT attending a writing retreat.  The Stellar Jay stopped by to visit as well as the Pileated Woodpecker and Kingfisher.  The cattails were seeding next to the lake and the warmth of the sun’s rays invited hundreds of the sparkling, winged insect– DRAGONFLIES, darting up and down, skimming the water and riding the rays.  I especially thought of my father, as he has a special connection with the Dragonfly.   

When it was time to leave, all of us gals got together down at the dock for a picture- Kingfisher belted his beautiful cry as I skipped to the water with a childlike joy, filled with creation and the new learning I had experienced. The gals were taking their time and visiting when I noticed a brilliant blue and green creating ripples below.  A dragonfly was struggling to keep his life, half immersed in the water, his wings were unable to take flight.  Bending down and leaning out over the dock, I scooped him up in both hands, his body a few inches long and his wings as well, I walked him a short ways to some cattails where I laid him down carefully on some tall grasses.  By this time, the gals had taken notice and asked, “Emily what are you doing?” CHEEEEZZZ.   

Early the next morning, cold and crisp was the air before the sun shone above the mountain.  I walked down to the lake to say goodbye and wanted to check on my dragonfly friend- he wasn’t there.  I had a small feeling of doubt, when up above, a dragonfly hovered and flew a circle around me.  Before he darted upwards and away, I caught a glimpse of the beautiful blue and green.  Beyond my wonderment and happiness I felt the words, “Thank you” and I replied, “Thank you”, for I was so pleased with my gift.