The Lance of Swift Hawk is designed on Formula ledger, Fargo ND, cir.1928 in the 1800’s ledger art style with traditional medium; colored pencils. The ledger itself is a collective works of natural and chemical formulas or remedies for a variety of ailments. The author was somewhat an alchemist in constructing these collections of remedies.      

This depiction of “Swift Hawk”, like many other warriors and warrior societies, highlights the status, beauty and honor of this protector of the plains. His war pony is painted with the powers of the thunders and lighting, the eye of the horse displays a red circle around his eye, which will assist him in seeing the enemy. His lance is decorated with blue ribbon to represent the heavens and the red, that of his people. Tied to the tail of his horse is his medicine hawk; this divine power instills the characteristics of courage, strength, stealth and swiftness to the warrior.